20 May Boudoir Divas International Referral List… We made it!! {Nashville, TN Boudoir Photography}

Yay!! We are so excited to be a part of this elite list! If you guys don't know who the Boudoir Divas are, you are missing out! They basically brought boudoir photography "back" and turned it from White Snake video-esque (I know that's probably not a word, but just go with it ) :) , to beautiful, classy, fashion forward, sexy shots. They are the leading boudoir photography team in the U.S (and probably around the world), located in sunny California. They get inquiries from all over asking for referrals for boudoir photographers in their area, and until now, couldn't really do that. So they decided to put together a referral list of the top 200 boudoir photographers in the...

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06 Apr Emily & Joey Married: Evansville, IN {Evansville, IN Wedding Photography}

We had such a blast with Emily and Joey in Evansville, IN! They kicked off our first wedding of the season and it was a perfect day! The weather was fabulous, Emily was stunning, Joey was handsome, and the bridal party kept us laughing all day long! Can I just say how nice people are in Indiana? I don't know what it is, but every time we go up there for a wedding, the people are SO NICE! Nice people really make our job easy and enjoyable :) So thanks to everyone that attended the wedding for being so great to work with! We truly had a fun time :) The day started out perfect with 70 degree weather at the...

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05 Feb BOUDOIR by the Photographix is here! {Nashville Boudoir Photography}

Girls! We finally have our boudoir site and sessions ready! Check out the new Boudoir site and get your session scheduled! Your husband, fiance, boyfriend, or whoever will be happy you did! The sessions aren't just for your significant other, but celebrate YOU and how HOT you are! You will have so much fun with Ann and I, we promise! So get to looking and let us know what you think. Let your inner VIXEN come out and play!! www.thephotographixboudoir.com ...

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