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16 Jan Boudoir Session FAQ’s

You’ve taken the plunge and scheduled your boudoir shoot… “Yikes! Now I’m nervous!” Well we are here to say “DON’T BE!!” Better said than done, we know, but honestly, there is nothing to be nervous about. We are here to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and know that you are in a safe place. Almost every single girl that comes to see us says how out of their comfort zone these sessions are, but once they’re done, they’re so glad they did it and are ready to come in again! We get a lot of the same questions about our sessions, so below are some boudoir session FAQ’s we hope will help calm your nerves… even just a little bit 🙂

I have no idea what to expect from my boudoir shoot! Will I have to pose myself?  Absolutely not! We will coach you along throughout your entire session, never making you pose on demand. We try and be less “posey” anyway. We’ll put you in a pose to start off, but then we really want you to relax and fall into it, making it your own. If we notice that you’re not breathing, or “trying” too hard, we’ll make you laugh and forget what you’re doing. THAT makes the best photo. We want you to look as natural, and comfortable as possible. That’s what makes our sessions different from other studios. We are not “men’s magazine”, pin-up, dramatic studio style. We are very soft, girly, romantic, and pretty. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found the right place!

I am so pale!! Should I get a spray tan before I come in? No no no! NATURAL skin photographs best, whether you are super pale or naturally dark. Whatever skin tone you are, please do us and yourself a favor and come in natural. Spray tans along with tanning bed tans can photograph super orange under our natural light studio and are just not very flattering in our option. The way our studio is set up is to photograph, light, bright, and airy, so we beg of you… resist the urge!

What sorts of outfits should I bring? Will you help me choose? We have had everything from full on Victoria’s Secret outfits, to pajama bottoms and a cute tank top. Most of our girls fall in the middle with a sweet bra and pantie option, but we’ve had a lot of girls lately coming in with gorgeous kimonos, robes, off the shoulder sweaters, etc. Again, our style of boudoir photography is less about showing off skin and sexy poses, and more about you, being beautiful and confident in the skin you’re in. Some of our absolute favorite images are the ones that cover the most. Whatever your style is, bring it all in and we will help you choose. Lots of times we’ll put together an outfit out of something you brought that you didn’t even think of putting together.

Have more questions? Send us an email or give us a shout. We LOVE consults, so feel free to schedule yours and come see us. We’d love to meet you and show you around! Jen & Ann xo

“These girls are absolutely amazing photographers and ladies! From the moment I stepped in their studio, I felt so comfortable! It was the first time I was meeting them, and I felt like I had known them for months. They guided me throughout my entire session, and were so professional. My final product is gorgeous! I can’t wait till I get to shoot with them again!”