14 Aug Bringing Film Back

16 years ago, Ann and I bought our first ever film cameras when we enrolled into art school. 11 years ago we made the change to digital much like the rest of the world did. Today, as part of our 10 year work anniversary, we are bringing film back into our lineup! We are super excited to play and get back to our roots. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting the “shot list”, that we forget to slow down, take a breath, and relax. Film FORCES us to do that and really connect with our subject in a way that digital has made us forget. We’re going to dip our toes in the water and start out with adding film to our boudoir packages. We recently did a shoot with one of our favorite models, Paisley, and we are thrillllllled with the outcome! We used Paisley as our tester model JUST in case we had forgotten all we had ever learned about film in school… turns out, we’ve still got it! xo 

Huge thank you to Paisley for being so patient with us, and an amazing model. We LOVE having you in front of our lens. Also to Ryan Tolbert for allowing us to use one of his fancy film cameras and jogging our memories on things we may have forgotten over the years! You guys are the best!

Photographers: PHOTOGRAPHIX// Model | Stylist, Hair & MU: PAISLEY JEWELS STARKS//  Film Development: RYAN TOLBERT// Film: KODAK PORTRA 400