Nashville Bridal Boudoir

26 Nov A Cheeky Little Boudoir Session {Franklin, TN Boudoir Photographers}

A few months before her boudoir session, Miss "A" came to meet us. She was super nervous and from out of town, so she wanted to meet us and have a look around the studio to hopefully calm her nerves! She came in and was blown away by our boudoir studio, and loved the fact that Artistry Spa Salon was right beneath us to do her hair and makeup. This was going to be a wedding present for her soon to be husband, and like most guys, he would never in a million years even think she would do something like this! We have said this before, but we LOVE being a part of such a sneaky surprise :) The...

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Franklin TN Boudoir Photography

18 Nov Miss C’s Sexy Boudoir Shoot {Franklin, TN Boudoir Photographers}

We had such a wonderful time photographing Miss C’s boudoir shoot! She was full of energy and willing to bring her fierce A-game and put her total trust in us. She KILLED her shoot:)We love to give all our boudoir clients celebrity dopplegangers, and we think she is straight up Kate Beckinsale! Do you agree?? Her husband is one lucky guy! C, thank you so much for coming in to shoot with us and allowing us to show off some of your beautiful images. You are stunning in every way! xo...

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Boudoir Photographer featured in Nashville newspaper

06 Oct Our Boudoir studio featured in the Tennessean! {franklin tn, Boudoir photographers}

Today our Boudoir studio is featured in the Tennessean! It's so exciting to be recognized by publications like this.  We've been shooting Boudoir photography for over 6 years now and loving every minute. We have often said that if we could shoot solely Boudoir, we absolutely would! We love shooting weddings and families, but there is something so calm and easy about shooting Boudoir. Helping women feel their most beautiful makes us the happiest. We love that we can be that small part of their journey. Big thank you to Angela Folds for coming out and doing the story! It turned out wonderful! Enjoy the read! Xoxo So much fun: Right after this article went up we got the sweetest text from...

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23 Sep A Sexy Boudoir gift from bride to groom {Boudoir Photographers, Franklin TN}

The most popular wedding day gift by far has become that of boudoir. Not only are boudoir shoots so much fun to shoot, the reaction that your groom will give will be priceless! Over half the ladies that walk into our boudoir studio are shooting for their groom. Most grooms have NO IDEA this sort of thing even exists (shocking I know), but honestly, most of our clients say their grooms would never in a million years expect anything like this on their wedding day. It is so much fun to be sneaky with our girls! We love that we can both help our ladies feel beautiful and confident, as well as give their man something that he will treasure forever and...

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05 Sep The most delicious light for your Boudoir shoot {franklin, tn Boudoir photography}

Ladies! If you want a little drama in your boudoir photography session, book with us later in the afternoon to take advantage of this amazing light! Seriously, we get giddy when we are able to take advantage of it and get the most stunning images!!! With fall getting closer, the light will come in earlier and earlier so we are excited to use it more! Get your cutie booties in here! Xo   The Beautiful Natural Light in Our Boudoir Photography Studio ...

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Franklin TN Boudoir Photographers

01 Sep Why Boudoir Photography is quickly becoming the most popular Gift! {Boudoir Photographer, Franklin TN}

We started our boudoir photography business back in 2008 when a fellow photographers wife asked us to shoot hers. We had never done this type of shoot before, but we said if she was up for it we were! Next thing you know, a random inquiry came through our emails asking us to shoot for her as well. We explained we were VERY new at this type of shoot, but for some reason, a girl we had never met had total confidence in us! After we shot our first 2 boudoir shoots, we had so much fun and thought you know what? We SHOULD offer these shoots! So we wrangled all our girlfriends in to do shoots so we could build...

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West Franklin Boudoir Photography Studio

25 Feb Styled Boudoir Shoot {Franklin, TN Boudoir Photography}

Boudoir photography is probably our favorite type of photo shoot. To us, it's a chance to celebrate women for who they are and to help make them feel beautiful, empowered, and sexy in the skin they are in today. Our sweet model had a total life transformation and was kind enough to work with us and let us use her photos. We love everything about them! And you can see, you don't have to wear strictly lingerie for your boudoir shoot in order to make it sexy. Confidence is what's sexy to us and as long as you  have that, you will rock your shoot out in whatever it is that you have on! Come play with us! We would...

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