Celebrating 6 years as Boudoir Photographers!

Boudoir Photographer TN

11 Feb Celebrating 6 years as Boudoir Photographers!

Our boudoir clients ask us all the time, “how long have you been shooting boudoir?”We are always having to do the math, lol! But Facebook told us last week, that we launched our first boudoir website 6 years ago this month! Man! It really does seem like just yesterday when we were wrangling all of our girlfriends up to do shoots so we could get a website up and going. Thanks girls!! Back then, we weren’t sure boudoir photography was going to be so popular, but if you know us, you know we like to try everything! Luckily for us, it’s getting more and more popular each year.

We’ve come a very long way in the style that we shoot. We love all our past clients and how their photos turned out, but back when we first started, we were just going with the flow of what all the other boudoir photographers were doing. We quickly realized that wasn’t necessarily the direction we SHOULD or even WANTED go. I almost don’t even want to call what we do “boudoir” now, bc of the stereotypes that go along with the word. 

To us, it’s more about you as a woman. Feeling confident in the body you’re in. Being soft, girly, romantic, calm, light, bright, and airy. We want to help you see how amazing you are, just as you are. Now the up side is for your significant other as well… #spouseperk

Our goal is to make every single girl that comes to see us, feel her most amazing, and walk out with her head high, feathers shaking! We are all about girl power! Now, some may ask, “Why do you have to get ‘naked’ in order to feel beautiful and confident about yourself? Why not just pretty normal portraits?” Our answer is this; There is something that comes out in a woman when she puts on something sexy that a lot of times stays hidden. Some women never ever let this part of themselves out. We think you should. We think EVERY woman should! No matter your age, size, what have you. This doesn’t immediately turn you into a hussy, porn star, or white snake video vixen! This just allows you to explore another part of yourself that you maybe didn’t know you had. Or perhaps let’s you see yourself in the way that your significant other sees you. “Sexy” to us, isn’t necessarily full on lingerie. It’s whatever YOU FEEL the best in. That can be anything from his favorite tee, a pretty kimono and high waisted undies, an oversized sweatshirt, or your full on Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Whatever you bring in, we will pose you in the best, most flattering poses for you. We promise, you will love how you feel, how you look, and the confidence boost you will get. You have our word. xo – Jen & Ann