Choosing the right Photographer {Nashville Wedding, Boudoir, Family, Photography}

24 Feb Choosing the right Photographer {Nashville Wedding, Boudoir, Family, Photography}


Jen and I always get the same question about how does someone pick their photographer.  What do you ask…what is important to know?  So here you have it…Selecting the perfect photographer for your occasion!  Here are a few simple tips to making your day or session GREAT!

1.  Find the style or type of photography you are drawn to.  Is it traditional, classic, photojournalistic or the old school look?  Is it images that are bold, colorful and saturated or just a simple black and white that is more dramatic?

2.  Schedule a consultation to find your perfect match.  Whether you meet with 10 photographers or just 1, you need to make sure you are ultimately comfortable with them!  Nobody wants to spend the day or session with someone that you are unsure about…client or photographer!

3.  Look at more of their work including albums, prints, and other products.  Make sure that the quality is what you are expecting from them.

4.  Ask about their photographic accomplishments.  You would be amazed by what you might not know about your potential photographer!

5.  When you hire your photographer, keep in touch with them over the weeks or months leading up to your event.  Have meetings, talk via email or go have coffee to chat.  Clients are NOT just clients…they are friends!  Everyone loves to be in the loop and this helps builds your new friendship.  More than likely if your experience is great, you will be working together again in the future.

When we sit down at our consults this is usually what we find out about you!  What style you like, end product expectations and mostly if we all get along 🙂 There is a photographer for everyone so don’t be afraid to find them!