Film Photography

14 Sep Classy Boudoir Sessions

By now you are sure to have heard that we are bringing film photography back into our lineup, starting with our boudoir sessions! We are absolutely loving the images we are getting with our film cameras! Recently we got to play with the beautiful Kristi in our boudoir studio. We love the boho, quirky sexy nerd, GORGEOUS feel she gave us. Boudoir sessions are so much fun! You can go so many routes with your outfits. From super serious sexy, to soft and romantic, to fun and playful. Our style is very soft, girly and romantic, so whatever style you have will always be captured in the most classiest of ways. To us, boudoir sessions are more about feeling comfortable and confident in the skin you’re in, and less about trying to fit into a men’s magazine. Film photography is pushing us into yet another realm of soft and beautiful and bringing a little more fine art to our style. Come play with us and see for yourself. xo

The digital images we shot are in the beginning of the gallery and the film images are at the end. Do you have a preference? Can you tell the difference?