Historic Rock Castle Wedding

Bridal Party at Historic Rock Castle

25 Jun Historic Rock Castle Wedding

We had the most amazing day at the Historic Rock Castle with Abby and Taylor! The amount of love and laughter that came out of this crew was contagious. We were all nervous this beautiful outdoor wedding was going to get rained on, but as soon as we arrived, it dried up and we were able to shoot the entire day outside! Thank you Jesus! The wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful and Abby and Taylor couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Their faces told it all. Congratulations you guys! We are honored we got to spend the day with you! xoxo

Our Historic Rock Castle wedding was the most perfect celebration we could have ever asked for. Now I could have done without the rainy morning, but looking back, I’m not sure I would have changed that either. The Man Upstairs sure does answer prayers, and not only did the rain stop at the exact moment we headed outside for pictures, the sun literally came out while we were exchanging our vows. It was such a beautiful moment for us, and truly seemed to be God’s way of blessing our marriage.

Seeing the love, joy and excitement on everyone’s faces that day was such a gift. Knowing that everyone was there to celebrate our love (and oh did we celebrate), is one of the greatest feelings in the world. May 16th, 2015 was a dream come true. Having our most favorite memories so beautifully captured by Photographix is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thanks for making our day so special, for allowing us to always look back on this day and smile, and for somehow managing to take pictures (hilarious ones at that), of our groomsmen. We love you both!” – Abby & Taylor