I’m finally a mommy!!

29 Jun I’m finally a mommy!!

Oh wow oh wow! These past few weeks have been CRAAAAAZY! This is Jen by the way and I am writing to fill you all in on the little miracles that have happened to my husband and I over the last few weeks. Some of you may not know that we have been in the adoption process for almost 2 years now. Before that, we were trying to get pregnant for 3 years, so this is quite a long time coming! After we tried naturally to get pregnant for about a year, we turned to fertility treatments. We did that for 2 years… that obviously didn’t work, so we turned to adoption. Right before Christmas 2010, we were placed in “the book” (which in adoption world is the book where birthmothers look at potential adoptive parents to place their children). We were doing domestic adoption, and were told average time was 9-12 months wait, but could really be years just depending on circumstances. Daniel and I are pretty chill people, so as much as we wanted to be picked straight away, we tried to put it out of our minds as much as possible and just move on with our lives and burry our heads in our work… I’m not sure how, but it actually worked for the most part! And here’s a huge thanks to all of you for making us so busy that I didn’t have time to sit around and drive myself crazy waiting!!!

Ok so looooooooong story short… Thursday, June 2nd started like any other day. Daniel went to work and I watched Sophie (Ann’s adorable almost 3 year old), and a friend of ours baby girl. Ok… so maybe that’s not THAT normal for a Thursday 🙂  Any who! 3:50 pm rolled around and our adoption agency called. I didn’t think much of it bc they call now and again just to give updates, and I had emailed them that day just checking in. Our caseworker said, “Jen… I’ve been meaning to call you all day!” Me: “Oh that’s ok! I was just curious for an update, what’s up?” Caseworker, “well… you’ve been picked!!” Me: “………………………………..what?” CW: “You’ve been picked…” Me: “Are you serious?” ok, you can see how the rest of that conversation may have gone 🙂 A lot of wha…? do? how? uh? are you…? REALLY????” Seriously the best phone call I’ve ever gotten!! It took me about 5 mins to wrap my head around it as she’s spewing off information about the birthmother, the baby, everything… and then it hit me and I just started to cry. I have never in my life felt that way before… completely surreal and a snotty, blubbering fool 🙂

When Daniel got home and I told him, his first response was “HOT DAMN!!!” ha! With a MASSIVE smile on his face 🙂  I of course cried all night and he was like a kid on Christmas Eve with all the excited energy and laughter! We called our families and they were over the moon too… FINALLY! We were picked!!

The next day we found out the birthmother had been to the Dr. and everything looked good, and she was 8 months along,  but she needed to come back in Monday to do an ultra sound to take a better look at the baby. So over the weekend we went out and bought a pack & play, car seat, stroller, and a few other bits (lotion, shampoo, etc), just to be somewhat prepared… oh bc by the way, we had NOTHING, zilch, nada, zero, NOTHING baby in the house. The nursery was still the guest room/laundry room 🙂 We were so excited all weekend we could hardly sleep. We started reading up on books and finally starting to prepare ourselves for this little life that was coming into our home… What we found out Monday morning, would change our lives forever…

Monday morning my caseworker called and said “Jen… I have news! It’s not bad news… it’s TWINS!” and then again goes the flustered, “do whaaat”, are you kidding…” Seriously! It’s just one thing after another over here!! She than began to tell me that it was a girl and a boy! (more snot and crying at this point :)) I get off the phone with her, immediately call Daniel, he freaks out, we all freak out, what news!! So than a family meeting took place 🙂 Daniel called his parents in England and they said the same as my parents and sisters, that this is totally meant to be! We’ve always wanted 2 children, one of each, and now they are BLOOD siblings! How blessed are they to grow up with a BLOOD relative!

Daniel and I REALLY couldn’t sleep that night if you can imagine! But we must have fallen asleep around 6am bc we didn’t roll out of bed till about 9! Now I turn my phone to silent at night bc stupid people call at 2 in the morning with the wrong number 🙂  I also wasn’t expecting “the call” for another couple of weeks… well… as you can probably guess… when I got up, there were 2 missed calls at 5am from our caseworker that went a little like this…”Jen… I know it’s terribly early… but… the babies are HERE!………..”

Man I wish I had a video of this moment 🙂

That’s right. We found out Thursday we had been picked. Monday it was twins. Tuesday morning they had been born, and Thursday we got to meet them and bring baby girl home! Baby boy came home the next Wednesday and everyone is doing great! Words cannot express the joy we are feeling right now. I was listening to a song by Aqualung yesterday and I think the chorus helps sum up my emotions: “Love will remain a mystery
But give me your hand and you will see …Your heart is keeping time with me. What a feeling in my soul,  Love burns brighter than sunshine, It’s brighter than sunshine. Let the rain fall, I don’t care, I’m yours and suddenly you’re mine. Suddenly you’re mine.”

Daniel and I have been waiting a long time to be parents. We always wanted 2, a girl and a boy, but would have been over the moon with just one… now we have 2, one of each, and we really ARE over the moon!!! Thank you all for the support you have given us over the years and everything you are doing now. We are thankful to have friends and family like you. We couldn’t have asked for more! Love you all!!! xoxo Jen & Daniel 🙂

Meet Elsie Josephine Cook, (4 lbs, 9 oz, 18.5 in.) , & Flynn James Cook, (5 lbs, 3 oz., 18.25 in.) Born June 6, 2011

Daniel’s teaching the babies to “wax on, and wax off” so they can defend themselves from ninja warriors 🙂 Welcome to crazy town!!

HUGE thank you to the best business partner Ann for taking our first ever family photos!! Ann’s daughter Sophie came over for the first time to meet the babies today 🙂  I think she liked them 🙂  And that’s my lil’ sis Amy holding her favorite (and only) niece Elsie 🙂 xoxo