maternity / newborn / family / portraits

We help you capture the life of your family, from precious maternity and newborn days to family milestones and gatherings.

Education and experience: We both graduated from Watkins College of Art and Design with BFAs in Photography.  It taught us both the creative and the classic aspects of photography. We have worked together for 10 years.You can learn more about our story here.


Equipment: We shoot on Canon camera. We currently own four cameras with multiple lenses for various looks. As natural light photographers, we very rarely have to bring out studio lights (Alien Bees), but we keep them on-hand just in case.


How to book a session: Contact us here to secure your date and time with a $75.00 non-refundable deposit. This deposit goes towards your balance, but is non-refundable if you cancel your shoot.


Cancellation and reschedule policy: Contact us right away, and we will reschedule you. Your non-refundable deposit of $75.00 will still count toward your balance if you reschedule within 90 days. If you reschedule after 90 days, an additional $75.00 deposit will be required.


Payment method: We take check or credit card.  Please note that credit card charges over a certain amount have a 3.5% convenience charge.


Processing timeframe: Approximately two weeks after your shoot your images will be ready to view via our password-protected website. We’re always busier during peak wedding and holiday seasons, so if we estimate a longer processing time we will keep you informed. Following your approval, any albums, prints, etc, take another 1-2 weeks to process. Rush shoots/orders are available for an extra fee.

What is your family portrait style? Soft, classic, and full of natural light. Our typical family session is shot outdoors during the “Golden Hour,” about 1.5 hours prior to sunset when the sunlight is at its best!


What is the time frame for a typical family session? Sessions start at one hour, but more time can be added on a la carte. As mentioned above, these sessions are usually scheduled during the “Golden Hour,” about 1.5 hours prior to sunset.


How do we choose a location? We have several favorite spots in the Nashville/Franklin area to choose from, but we’re happy to shoot in new locations as well. Additional travel fees may apply (if outside the Nashville/Franklin area) so if that applies to you, let us know and we will provide a custom quote.  All sessions are shot at one location. We also have a studio in downtown Franklin, if you would like an indoor session.


What should we wear? We suggest wearing neutral colors and avoiding solid white or black. Neutrals such as beige, grey, or other soft tones photograph best, so we recommend having those as a base color and adding pops of color in accessories (such as scarves, jewelry, or shoes.) We also like soft patterns, but they can look too busy if everyone is clad in them at once. Feel free to ask more questions or send us pictures for additional input.


Can we change outfits? You are welcome to bring an additional outfit. For small children, we recommend limiting it to one outfit change at the most, because it can change their moods and we want them to be their happiest, most comfortable selves. We suggest bringing children in the “main outfit” to make sure you get that look and we will definitely try and get them in a second if possible.


Do you do newborn photography as well? Absolutely! Our style is very natural and documentary-inspired. We don’t pose or stage babies in weird props; we like to capture them where they’re most comfortable – in your arms! There’s a lot of cuddling, holding and interacting with your precious little one in our newborn sessions.


Where do newborn sessions take place? Newborn sessions are the exception to shooting outdoors and we usually come to your home. All we require is a good room with amazing light to shoot in! If you don’t think your place works, we have shot newborns in our studio, so that option is always available!

Ready to book your session? Let’s get started.