Lila’s Bat Mitzvah {Nashville, TN Bat Mitzvah Photography}

Nashville Mitzvah Photography

16 Feb Lila’s Bat Mitzvah {Nashville, TN Bat Mitzvah Photography}

This was the first Bat Mitzvah that we ever did and it was awesome! Wow. That is really almost all I can say about this event… wow… The talented Jayne Bubis put together an amazing day for Lila and her friends and family. The morning started out early with snow on the ground… a perfect setting for a Bat Mitzvah! We started at Congregation Micah for the ceremony, capturing all the fun family photos and portraits of Miss Lila. We love to get everyone in close and cuddly for these photos! Afterwards, there was a lovely brunch with amazing food and details. Better get in that buffet line fast before all the kids tear it up, lol!  We had a few hours break (thanks Papaw for letting us take a nap at your place!), and then off we went to the evening party at the Loveless Barn. The party was every girls dream, loaded with pink, sparkles, twinkles, dancing, food, friends and LOUD MUSIC! ha! It was great. Burning Las Vegas was the entertainment, and they had the crowd going for sure! We have 3 more mitzvahs lined up this year and they are all sure to dazzle us 🙂  Don’t they  look like fun?!