The commitment of lifelong love is worth commemorating with classic, beautiful photography that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

What is your wedding photography style? Soft, classic, romantic, and full of natural light. We love to shoot outdoors as much as weather will allow on your Big Day.


Are you self-taught or did you attend school for photography? We both graduated from Watkins College of Art and Design with BFAs in Photography.  It taught us both the creative and the classic aspects of photography. We have worked together for 10 years. You can learn more about our story here.


What type of equipment do you have? We shoot on Canon cameras. We currently own four cameras with multiple lenses for various looks. As natural light photographers, we very rarely have to bring out studio lights (Alien Bees), but we keep them on-hand if weather becomes a problem.


Do you offer payment plans? Yes, we would be happy to discuss further if this better suits your needs.


What is your payment method?  We take check or credit card.  Please note that all credit card payments have an additional 3.5% convenience charge.


Is our deposit refundable? All deposits are non-refundable. We will have a fully detailed payment policy in our contract, so please refer to that for further details.


What time do you like to start photos on the day of the wedding? We work best when we have approximately 3 hours prior to the ceremony. In our experience, this extra cushion of time helps the day flow better so you’re not rushed if someone is running behind schedule (it happens a lot!) We will be more than happy to discuss timelines further based on your specific day.


We are getting married in an indoor location; do you have lights?  We are known for our love of natural light and we take our couples outdoors if it allows. If weather becomes a hindrance, we can use our studio lights (Alien Bees.)


How many photographers will be at my event?  You will always have two photographers, primarily Ann and Jen, unless otherwise stated. We have been shooting together for 10 years and have only needed to call another photographer for assistance twice. If that does happen, feel safe knowing that you will have another photographer there. We have 2 or 3 photographers on a list that we keep handy for unexpected circumstances.


How long after the wedding day will it take to view images?  We strive to get your wedding site online within 2-4 weeks, depending on the date of your wedding. We’re always busier during peak wedding and holiday seasons, so if we estimate a longer processing time we will keep you informed.


If we choose to purchase a disc do we get the copyrights? Photographix always retains the copyrights to your photos, but if you purchase the disc you are allowed full personal use for printing and sharing on social media. We kindly ask that you credit us when sharing our work online.

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