Why Boudoir Photography is quickly becoming the most popular Gift! {Boudoir Photographer, Franklin TN}

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01 Sep Why Boudoir Photography is quickly becoming the most popular Gift! {Boudoir Photographer, Franklin TN}

We started our boudoir photography business back in 2008 when a fellow photographers wife asked us to shoot hers. We had never done this type of shoot before, but we said if she was up for it we were! Next thing you know, a random inquiry came through our emails asking us to shoot for her as well. We explained we were VERY new at this type of shoot, but for some reason, a girl we had never met had total confidence in us! After we shot our first 2 boudoir shoots, we had so much fun and thought you know what? We SHOULD offer these shoots! So we wrangled all our girlfriends in to do shoots so we could build our portfolio and put up a website. Their husbands loved us for that 🙂 Within a month, our phones were ringing off the hook. We couldn’t believe there was such a demand in the Nashville area for boudoir! Who knew?

In our first year of doing boudoir photography, we probably did 20 or so shoots, which we thought was amazing! Especially for 2 wedding photography gals who didn’t really know what we were doing with posing and indoor lighting! In all honesty, those first couple of years were totally winging it. We looked at other boudoir photographers work for guidance and ideas and used each other and our husbands (fully dressed, lol!!) to test out creative lighting ideas. We shot in our clients homes, hotel rooms, and even Jen’s house!  We finally fell into our own style of boudoir photography and shoot like no one else around. We got rid of the lights, the sets, the preconceived notion of what “boudoir photography” should look like, and just went for what WE liked, soft, romantic, girly, elegant, gorgeous,simple photography. Since then, we have tripled our number of boudoir clients a year, and have moved into a beautiful, naturally lit studio, making it easier for our clients to “sneak around” and make this gift the biggest surprise for their other half, not to mention cut the cost for a hotel room.

Most of the ladies that come to us are doing these boudoir shoots for their fiance’s wedding gift. We also get a lot of anniversaries, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays, and “just because”. Ladies, as much as these shoots are for your Mr., we truly believe that YOU get the most out of them, and THAT is why boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular. After you leave our studio, you don’t walk, you STRUT… you strut out just like a damn peacock! LOL! We’re not kidding! There is something so empowering, so confidence building, that you’ll just want to go and tell the whole world what you just did.

Ladies, do yourselves a favor and get your cutie booties in here!  We don’t care how old you are, size, shape, color, whatever! You won’t be sorry, and you’ll walk away with the most beautiful images of yourself that you could have ever dreamed of. Guys! If you’re reading this too, this is THE BEST gift YOU could give to your gal. If she doesn’t see that beauty that you do, and she needs a little confidence boost, just send her into us. We’ll get it out of her and she’ll strut back to you, peacock feathers shakin’!

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