How To Take Good Dog Photos

Dogs are not called man’s best friend for anything. They are great companions and also knows how to brighten up your day. They are great to look at and cuddle with. Every time you see cute puppies, you just cannot seem to deny anything with them.

That is the reason why dogs are one of the favorite subjects on social media. Whether they are begging for food from their owners or are just running around playing or even if they are doing nothing, people love to see it.

If you have a dog and would like to show them to the world then you should think of taking great pictures of them. Here are some tips you can do:

1. Right Equipment

You can use any kind of equipment you have on hand, but it would be a great privilege to have the fancier ones. So if you have a good camera with equipment or a phone with a great camera, make good use of it. Keep in mind that dogs do not like flashes so have that turned off.

2. Right Location

Location is also essential in having a good picture. Your home might be one of the places they frequently have taken pictures of or go outside for great scenery and background. No matter where the key is always the right lighting. Just make sure that they are comfortable with the place. And also, keep an eye on your background and see if they blend with it or not.

3. Right Timing

Timing is also the key. Not all dogs are models and not all of them will stay steady. Because of that, you will have to be patient in waiting for the right time to shoot. This is most especially if you want to have your dog a dedicated account with a lot of poses. If you are just into capturing their daily routines or antics, it may be much easier.

4. Right Looks

You would also want them to look good on camera. Some may have gone into dressing them up. But if it is not your style, there are other ways. Dogs are naturally playful and smart, so you will be able to capture cute moments with them with no effort. There are times that they smile, and it is one of the good things to capture. Also, try capturing their pictures from different angles and places and not just stick to one.

5. Right Editing

There are no rules when it comes to having a great picture of your dog. It could be anywhere and anytime. It does also have to be unfiltered. This means if you have a software for editing photos, why not have it done with your dog’s pictures too? You will be able to change up something and also get to enhance their features. You will also able to adjust the lighting or make it more natural. You do not really have to be an expert in photoshopping but having the right software and practice will definitely help you.