How To Trim A Dog’s Nails

To have a dog is surely a joy. But of course, it is not just all about the plays and cuddles and pets you give them but also your responsibility. You will have to feed them and take them on walks and also to train them. And it does not end there.

Dog grooming is also important. This is not just to make them look good but also for their hygiene and health. It is also beneficial for you. One of those grooming needs is trimming their nails. Many find this intimidating because they are scared to hurt their dogs and also do not know-how. But it is a must to do this, so you may need to learn about it.

Importance of Trimming

First things first. Why is it important to trim your dog’s nails? As mentioned before, it is for good hygiene. Also, it is important to keep their nails short or else it could cause a lot of problems like their feet aching and also might be painful for you as they may accidentally scratch you. Another thing is that if their nails are not trimmed, it may also deform and cause some injury in their tendons because of the pressure they acquire from the ground. This will affect the structure of their feet hence the deforming. It may also split which is painful for them and needs to be treated by a vet.

Have the Right Trimmer

Before you go trimming your dog’s nails, you will have to choose the right trimmer first. There are various kinds, and it is important to choose what is best for them. You will need to have one that is great in quality. These trimmers are also designed for specific dogs, so make sure to have one that is right in size and also sharp enough. You may also need some file and also make sure to choose the right one for that.

Steps in Trimming

  1. Make sure to do in a place you and your dog are both comfortable. Make them comfortable first with treats and also with the trimmer you are going to use.
  2. If they are comfortable enough, hold their paws gently but firmly. Be mindful of doing this for dogs that are sensitive about their feet.
  3. Extend their nail by pushing on their pads gently.
  4. Then, clip their nail. Start by clipping small at the end.
  5. You will have to avoid clipping the quick or the curve of the nail. When you do, your dog will bleed and will be painful and traumatizing for them. Make sure to act fast if it does happen though. Have a first aid kit on hand.
  6. Black nails are quite different. The quick is a white ring and chalky.
  7. The quick will be easily maintained short if your dog’s nails are trimmed regularly.
  8. Be patient and not rush their trimming.

If you do not have the courage or capacity to do it, you can always ask a vet or groomer in trimming their nails.