How to Handle a Dog on Your Wedding Photos: Tips and Ideas

There are many dog lovers out there, and weddings are the perfect opportunity to show your love of canines. The best way to include a pet on your wedding photos is by hiring a professional photographer who has experience with animals. Here are some tips for how you can make sure everything goes smoothly:

  1. Make sure the photographer understands that the dog will be around people (including children) before they start shooting so they know how to act accordingly.
  2. Ask if anyone in attendance has allergies or any other medical condition that would affect them being around an animal.
  3. Consider if it’s appropriate for someone else in attendance to hold onto the leash when needed – this may not be allowed but is worth asking about ahead of time.
  4. Make sure everyone is aware of the plan in case something goes wrong during the shoot, whether that means a dog breaks loose or needs to go home for another reason.
  5. Discuss how long you’ll need someone on leash if it’s not your pet and confirm with them before anything starts.

How To Keep Your Dog From Barking

Barking is part of being a dog. It’s innate to how they communicate and they express themselves. We love our dogs, and it’s important that we hear from them when they have something to say. Maybe they need food or water, maybe they can sense some sort of danger, or maybe they are just trying to get your attention so that you’ll play with them, pet them, or otherwise interact with them to show them you care. Maybe they just want to show you that they care.

There are times though that barking can be inopportune. Maybe you’re trying to calm them down so you can take a cute holiday photo for Instagram, or perhaps you’re trying to have a phone conversation with a relative or worse for business purposes. Whatever the case, there will likely come a time when your dog is expressing themselves vocally and you simply need them to remain quiet for the time being.

If you have the freedom of forethought on your hands, then you can quite often train your dog to understand when it’s OK to bark and when it’s not a good time. This can take from a few weeks to a few months, but it can usually be accomplished successfully with standard dog training tactics. Give them a treat when they respond positively to your command, or perhaps take them out for a run or roll around and play with them so that they know that their behavior is appreciated. It goes without saying that this is a long term approach though, and while it can be quite effective and it is often the best solution, the fact of the matter is that some people simply don’t have the time or the understanding of the training process to make it a reality.

barking dog before collar.

Of course, there is an alternative to try out a barking collar for your dog. While there is some discussion as to whether or bark collars they are humane (the short answer, in my opinion, is that they are as long as they are used properly), there is very little question as to whether or not are an effective solution for getting your dog to stop barking in a pinch. Even still, some owners are hesitant to use bark collars on their dogs. If that’s the case then training is definitely the way to go at the end of the day, but of course, we shouldn’t forget about another effective short term solution that every dog owner can try right now.

Circling back to the beginning of this post, in most situations dogs are barking because they have something to communicate. By simply understanding your dog’s intentions and reacting to them in a way that satisfies their needs, you can very often put them at ease and bring an end to any form of relentless barking. Remember, dogs are living beings just like you and me. They just want to be heard so that they can be comfortable and have a purpose in the world around us.

How To Groom Your Dog

Your dog is your responsibility. That much is true. It is not only for their benefit but also for yours. For them to become stronger and healthier, you will have to feed them correctly. For them to be able to be well behaved and go around places, they have to be trained, and you can always have them as a companion because of that.

Grooming is also very important. It is not just to make them look good and presentable but also for their health and hygiene. And like the others, it is also for your good. Would it be nice to cuddle them with their soft fur and absence of dog odor? What is great is that you can do it yourself and can save up from bringing them in dog salons. 

1. Bathing

Before anything else, take them to a bath. This way, you will be able to wash away the dirt that is stuck in their fur. This will also help to make it softer. You will need a shampoo for this, and there are a lot of available shampoos for dogs which are mostly gentle and are made for them.

2. Brushing

After taking a bath and have them dry, brush their fur to get rid of the tangles. This will also help their coat be shiny and clean. Be gentle so that they will not hurt and also will avoid more shedding of fur. This actually requires a lot of patience especially if your dog is long furred. With all the tangles, it might take a while. But even so, it is really important to do this even if they do not have a bath. By brushing their fur, it will remain clean and shiny. It will also help get rid of loose hair.

3. Hair Trimming

If your dog has a long coat, they will need some trimming. The first thing you need to be aware of is using scissors. You do not want to hurt them. Make sure to use blunt-nosed scissors to be safe especially if you are a first-timer. You can also ask for some advice from your veterinarian on how and also the safe way. Keep in mind the areas that needed to be trimmed like around their eyes, anus, and chin. Another way is using clippers or shaving them. It is said to be safer but is advised to have the help or a vet or professional groomer.

4. Nail Trimming

It is also important to trim their nails. You can definitely do it by yourself as long as you have the right trimmer and know how to do it. Keep in mind that dogs are not fond of touching their feet and would be traumatizing for them if they got hurt, so you really need to have the skill and be confident with it. If not, you can always, ask your vet or groomer to trim it so that it can be done right without any hesitation.